The Secret to the Best Quickie by Dr. Drai

The Secret to the Best Quickie by Dr. Drai

Hello, #MomentumLovers!

Everybody seems to be obsessed with different sex techniques, all the how-to or tips to, but how about impulsiveness and spontaneity. Have we lost it? The sex essence, impulsive desire, passionate sex, when both of you are so horny and want it now. Seem like we forgot about the pleasure of a spontaneous quickie.

A quickie doesn't mean bad sex or poor quality sex. It's just a variant of it and having sex in a forbidden place or situation may actually make both of you closer and improve your relationship. It's like sharing with your partner something nobody else can share and creating a more tight intimate connection between the two of you. It's like having a secret no one but you two will ever know. And all these make this experience exciting.

An additional dose of adrenaline is added by the thought of being discovered while having a quickie in a public place. A single thought of having sex at a party, at a restaurant's restroom, at the office, or a public park can be very arousing and stimulating. The naughtiness of the situation will wind up both of you and lead to very passionate and delicious sex, which actually can be much better than basic sexual intercourse in the comfort of your bed.

What about the foreplay, the importance of which was discussed and highlighted in hundreds of articles and books on sexology? Skip it, the adrenaline in your blood will compensate for any foreplay.

Quickie sex is also about experimenting. Just imagine what exotic and awkward position you will have to invent while having sex in a different setting. It’s a good chance to apply your sexual creativeness and sex fantasies. Besides, the view of your partially dressed partner is very sexy. Picture your lover held against the wall, or bent over the stairs, it can easily be an erotic fantasy.

So, what holds you back from having quickies? Some people think that by showing their partner that they want quick sex they offend them in some way. But in fact, if you're horny and lusting for your partner, wanting quick sex will only assure your partner that you still fancy him/her.

There is no right place or time for a quickie. It's only up to you and your imagination. The circumstance doesn't matter if you want it now and if you want it badly. No doubt you will find both place and time. Whether you choose the office table or garden hedge, keep your feelings fresh and experiment with them. Enjoy, just try not to hurt the esthetic feelings of unwilling witnesses.

Thank you for reading this #MomentumLovers!