How To Put on a Condom on a Penis by Dr. Drai

How To Put on a Male Condom by Dr. Drai | Momentum Intimacy

Hello. It’s me, Dr. Drai, talking about sex and sexual health to keep you safe, happy and healthy.

I need to teach ya'll how to put on a condom on a penis. This one is VERY NECESSARY! First of all Dr. Drai LOVES the condoms.

Using condoms will help you not to get pregnant or catch a #STI. Condoms don't fully protect you from Human PapillomaVirus (the virus that causes genital warts) and Herpes Simplex Virus (the virus that causes herpes). The safest sex is when you keep your undies on.  

Let’s go over the steps to using the penis condom. Wait…Before you put one on a penis make sure you check the expiration date AND make sure there are no holes in it. Don’t open the wrapper with your teeth or a sharp object like a knife or scissors. That’s a no brainer. BUT we have ALL done it!

Step 1: Lubricate the inside of the condom if needed.

Step 2: Pinch the tip of the condom to prevent air bubbles.

Step 3: Roll the condom down over the tip of a hard penis.

Step 4: Leave some space at the tip so the condom can collect semen.

Step 5: Unroll the condom down the shaft.

Step 6: Lubricate the outside of the condom.

Step 7: After your bae ejaculates make sure they pull out immediately. If the penis softens the condom can fall off. Teach them to hold the base of the condom while doing this tip.

Step 8: Tie a knot in the condom and throw it in the trash can NOT THE TOILET.

Be careful. The reason why I want you to learn how to put a penis condom on your partner is because Chile some people keep their condoms in their back pockets, wallets, and glove departments for too long which can damage the condom. Make them buy a BOX and you store them at your crib in a cool spot.

Oh and one more thing- use only non-oil lubricants with latex condoms. Any other stuff will cause damage. No vasoline please! Please practice putting a condom on a banana before you get TOO EXCITED when you see the REAL THANG. Practice makes PERFECT. REMEMBER #SafeSex is the only type of sex you should be having.

Thank you for reading this.