How To Choose The Sexual Lubricant That’s Right For You by Dr. Drai

How To Choose The Sexual Lubricant That’s Right For You by Dr. Drai

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Using sexual lubricants during sexual intercourse, masturbation and for use with sex toys enhances the experience for most people. The slippery texture of a lubricant adds to the sensual feel of almost any sexual encounter with a partner or when you are engaged in self-pleasure.

Studies of people that use sex toys report that they found using a lubricant with their favorite vibrator greatly enhanced the experience. With all the new sex toys available today, the same increased pleasure can be enjoyed by all when adding a lube when using many sex toys. Lubrication makes toys glide sensually in, out, and about. However, be sure to choose a lube that doesn’t damage you or your erotic sex toys.

It is very important to use the correct lubricant for the sexual activity and other sexual items involved. Certain lubricants disintegrate condoms while others will destroy sex toys. Some lubricants work better for anal sex and others are preferred for masturbation.

There are many types lubricants on the market. Let's discuss 4 of my Momentum For Them's favorites: Water-based, silicone-based, water + silicone blend, and aloe-based lubricants. Each has its advantages and disadvantages.

Momentum For Them Water-based Lubricants: Silky smooth and made to stay that way longer, our water-based lube gives you a flowing, gentle feel, inside and out. This all-natural, gel-like lube helps you enjoy your most intimate moments, with your partner or by yourself. It’s safe to use with all condoms and cleans up easily with water.


Momentum For Them Silicone-based Lubricants: Specially formulated to stay slippery, our silicone lube gives you and your partner a long-lasting, frictionless experience. Use it in the hot tub or shower, with your favorite non-silicone toys, or as an alternative to massage oil. Unlike many other commercially available lubricants, it doesn’t leave a greasy stain.

Momentum For All Hybrid (Silicone + Water) Lubricants: Get the best of both worlds with this water and silicone-based personal lubricant which delivers a silky, smooth glide that lasts, without the unnatural, sticky feel or the greasy stains. Enjoy the passion without the mess, just bliss.

Momentum For All Organic Aloe Lubricants: Enjoy your most intimate experiences to the fullest, knowing you’re treating your body right using our 100% organic aloe-based personal lubricant. Infused with oat and quinoa, this silky-smooth lube keeps you happy and healthy inside and out.

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