5 unusual fetishes (and why they're hot)

5 unusual fetishes (and why they're hot)

If you can think of an object, activity, character, or body part, odds are excellent that someone out there has fetishized it. Human sexuality is vast and ever-expanding; we seem to develop more and more new fetishes every year, all of them fascinating in their own unique ways.

Here are five unusual fetishes that you might find confounding at first, but could quite possibly come to enjoy, with a little practice...

Sneezing might seem like an odd thing to fetishize, but there are entire forums’ worth of people out there who find it hot as hell. Why do they see sniffling, sneezing, and/or snot as so sexy?

You may have heard a rumor that a sneeze is “one-eighth of an orgasm,” and while that isn’t true in any conventional scientific sense, sneezing does release endorphins like an orgasm does (albeit at a much lower level). Sexual arousal is known to prompt sneezing in some people, perhaps because of crossed wires in the autonomic nervous system. Sneezing also characteristically involves a phase of building tension followed by a strong, involuntary expulsion of fluid, which all sounds pretty orgasmic when you think about it!

Balloons fetishists – also known as “looners” – like to play with their fetish object in myriad ways. They may enjoy blowing up balloons, rubbing their bodies against them, sitting or lying on top of them, having sex on top of them, kissing them, and more.

There is a schism in the looner community between “poppers” and “non-poppers”: people who eroticize popping balloons, or seeing and hearing them pop, and people who seek to avoid this because it’s unnerving or it just doesn’t do anything for them. (Switches who could go either way are sometimes called “semi-poppers.”)

Balloons can be popped with sharp objects like teeth or fingernails, or by blowing them up or putting more and more weight on them until they pop. An element of fear play may be involved, as a balloon inflates and exhilarating anticipation builds until it pops. Some poppers’ erotic enjoyment comes from how the process of inflation and popping resembles the process of arousal and orgasm.

Hypnosis might not seem inherently sexual to you if you’ve mostly encountered it in the contexts of medical hypnotherapy or over-the-top stage shows, but the “hypnokink” community is robust and ever-expanding. Many hypnosis fetishists say they’ve known they found this act hot ever since they were kids and encountered hypno play in cartoons like Aladdin and Scooby-Doo.

It can be exciting to “give up control of your mind” to a partner, or to “get inside somebody’s head” through hypnosis (although, of course, as with all kinks, this should be done only with the explicit consent and pre-negotiation of all involved). Many hypnokinksters also enjoy what trance can do: it can be used to temporarily increase a person’s sensitivity or arousal, create sexual sensations in strange areas of the body, and even give someone a hands-free orgasm, among other things. Cool!

Clowns are many people’s ultimate phobia, but they’re also some people’s ultimate fetish! Though plenty of clown fetishists say they’ve just always felt drawn to clowns and don’t really know why, some specifically cite the silliness of clowns as a factor in their attraction, while some say their terror and discomfort surrounding clowns is what fuels their arousal, in much the same way as some people get turned on from watching horror movies.

“Clown sex” – i.e. sex while dressed as and/or roleplaying as a clown – may be a particularly lovely sexual outlet for those who find sex stressful or anxiety-provoking. It encourages goofiness, creativity, and spontaneity, all qualities that can help you break out of your shell in the bedroom.

Tickling may be best-known as an activity done between parents and children, but there are plenty of kinky adults who enjoy tickling each other as part of their sex lives. The laughter induced by tickling can provoke the release of endorphins, just like sexual touch can. Our responses to being tickled are similar to sexual responses in other ways as well – often, a “ticklee’s” laughter feels uncontrollable and overwhelming, much like our reactions to intense sexual pleasure.

In the tickle fetish world, tickling is often combined with bondage so that the subject cannot wriggle away from their tickle-torturer. This lends a certain helplessness to the act that many kinksters find hot, even if they don’t directly fetishize tickling itself.

Have you ever experimented with any of these kinks? What did you think? Thank you for reading this.