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Foreplay is extremely important when it comes to a your sexual satisfaction. In fact, many people find foreplay to be as exciting as sex itself. Click here to learn some foreplay techniques to try that will be sure to enhance your sexual pleasure.
Human sexuality is vast and ever-expanding; we seem to develop more and more new fetishes every year, all of them fascinating in their own unique ways.
Getting comfortable with and understanding our bodies is a key part of having satisfying, shame-free sex, and there’s a lot to unlearn when it comes to vulvas and vaginas. Let’s bust five more myths about what’s really going on ‘down there’. 
Dr. Drai gets questions in his inbox about sex lubricants ALL the time. That’s why he created his own line MOMENTUM.  Dr. Drai answers common questions in this blog post. Click above to read more...
When it comes to sex, the wetter the better. Sex can never be too wet, this is why lube should always be used during sex--whether penetrative or not. Lubricant of some kind should be used no matter your gender, age, or stage in life. Click here to read more...
One key motivator for some kinky folks is the way that kink can reduce their stress level, both in the moment during a scene and in a more long-term way over months or years. Here are some of the ways kink lowers stress in the body and brain.
From the language we use to talk about our genitals to our insecurities about how they look, there’s a lot to unlearn to help us get more comfortable with our bodies and understand them better. Let’s bust five myths about vulvas and vaginas!